Dr. Emmanuel K. Urey
Executive Chairman – GAM-Liberia 

Dr. Urey is a native of Liberia, born in 1981. Growing up, he struggled with the loss of his mother at the age of 3 years, had no access to the walls of the classroom for most of his childhood, and escaped multiple child soldier conscriptions during the Liberian civil war.

As a scholar, not only did he obtain his Bachelor's of Science Degree in Biology in 2008 from Cuttington University, but in the 10 years that followed, he added beneath his academic belt, a Master's Degree in Public Health (2011) from Cuttington University, a Master's of Science in Environment and Resources (2013) and a Ph.D in the same field from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has contributed in shaping the literatures and concepts associated with Liberia's health care system, natural resources, concessions and extractions as contained his publications, including, "Political Ecology of Land & Agriculture Concessions in Liberia"; and "Corridors, Concessions and the Extraction of Natural Resources in Liberia".

As a leader and a policy reformer, Dr. Urey believes that the fight against poverty can be won through law reforms on land, agriculture and food security, and improvements in education. He is one of those credited for the passage of the landmark legislation of the Liberian Land Rights Act; his long standing services to the Liberian Association of Wisconsin (LAW); and his leadership and innovation at One Life, Liberia, a non-profit organization involves with building schools, providing assistance to small holder farmers, and working with drugs addicts in Liberia.

A patriot! A policy icon! Experienced, with depth of true compassion for transformation in Liberia.

Comrade Emmanuel is one of GAM's Pride!

GAM is committed to building a just society in Liberia with the tenets of fair play, equality, and justice.

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