Victoria George

Dr. Victoria MO-George, private Forensic Practitioner consultant/ Family Counselor and CEO, New Georgia AJ Medical Center, presently under construction in Monrovia, Liberia. Madame Victoria MO-George is a humanitarian, an educator, and a strong believer in human rights and, most importantly, spiritualistic (Christianity specifically). She is an indigenous Liberian, with few other genetic linkages, and therefore cherishes her African cultural heritage with great pride and dignity.

As a new graduate from high school, she enrolled at the University of Liberia in 1990 but had to escape to Nigeria, where she also enrolled at the University of Lagos for a short while due to the Liberia civil war. However, in 1992, she finally traveled out of Africa to Holland, Europe, where her educational journey began. As a refugee in Amsterdam, Madam Victoria MO-George received her first certificate in Dutch language and Laboratory Science. During the same year of her graduation, she also established a beautiful family by joining in holy matrimony with her now late husband, a Dutch national, and a son. However, due to some unforeseen unfortunate circumstances, she decided to migrate to the United States of America, where she followed her passion and dreams in pursuing higher education. Despite many wasted years and life challenges, this ambitious woman obtained her first undergrad degree in Biotechnology at the Northern Virginia Community college, USA. 

Notwithstanding, age, and motherhood have never been considered as an obstacle, but she instead views them as significant advantages towards academic progress. With that in mind, Madam Victoria MO-George achieved her Bachelor’s in Biotechnology at Stevenson University, followed by master’s courses in Forensic Science, respectively. For many years, she worked as a Laboratory Technologist/ Scientist Associate/ Educator in various Medical and Research laboratories, such as LabCorp, Quest Diagnostic, Fairfax Hospital, Aerotech, Howard Hedges Medical Institute, including the Baltimore Police Forensic Department. Despite her busy schedules, she has continued to indulge in her humanitarian duties by volunteering as an instructor in academic institutions abroad and within the United States, including the Catholic illiteracy program in Virginia, known as BEACON. As an educational motivator, she also got engaged in her three sons’ academic goals, from volunteering as classroom assistance to counseling. She used the opportunity to support them not only academically, but also voluntarily extending her assistance to other students. 

Through direct training, advocacy, and mentoring, she has built the capacity of numerous individuals in transforming their lives, which brought some levels of positive changes in communities and the strong academic background that have led to her sons pursuant of their engineering degrees at the Old Dominion University and Norfolk University respectively. Presently, Madam Victoria MO-George works on a contractual basis as a private Forensic Practitioner for a few oversee nonprofit organizations and Universities. 

With vast experience working in various medical laboratories and hospitals over a long period, she decided to further her education with a pronounced developed passion regarding Forensic psychology (Criminal minds, its related diseases, and the ability to stand trial within the judiciary system). Her passion for this field grew as a humanitarian that should not be limited to assisting victims or accused offenders with fewer opportunities. 

Concerning her passion for human needs, and while pursuing her master’s course work in Forensic Science with the intent of working in a Forensic Laboratory, which was achieved in 2014, she was motivated to dig further into Forensics Psychology. It was due to these and other underlying curiosities that led to an obtainment of her master’s in forensics from Walden University, and eventually a PhD. in General, Forensic Psychology.

GAM is committed to building a just society in Liberia with the tenets of fair play, equality, and justice.

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