The Grassroots Alternative Movement (GAM), is a social justice, political and advocacy organization committed to building a just society in Liberia with the tenets of fair play, equality, and justice.


Agriculture is the main stake of Liberia’s economy. Accordingly, the Grassroots Alternative Movement (GAM) considers Agriculture as a primary pillar under its operations. GAM focuses on empowering Liberians across the 15 counties. GAM intends to empower about 25% of Liberians regardless of background and political affiliation to help citizens become self-sufficient in food production and other agricultural ventures.

The Grassroots Alternative Movement (GAM) sees agriculture as its primary pillar for economic revival and prioritizes agro-development for the economic resuscitation of the Liberian Economy. Accordingly, GAM narrows it focus to the involvement and participation of the everyday Liberians who must take charge of their economic survival. GAM’s agricultural project is therefore geared towards empowering the every-day citizens of Liberia especially locals in the 15 counties to get involve into short, medium and long terms farming.  

Areas of Focus
•  Farming (Cash Crops and Rice Cultivation)
•  Animal Husbandry
•  Fishery

The goals of our agricultural programs and/or projects are as follow:
•  To help local farmers with seeds and tools and training to become producers and not only consumers.
•  To empower mainly local citizens to see farming as a vital source of income
•  To provide job opportunities for many unemployed citizens to become productive citizens.
•  To create self-sufficiency and economic independence instead of dependency.

This is a need-driven project intended for the economic survivability of an already unemployed individuals who must be part of our nation building and economic development. Hence, GAM very strongly believes agriculture is the surest way to empower our people and grow the economy. The soil is the “Best Bank” and the people are the “Best Resources” we must invest in them now to change Liberia’s economic trajectory and better the future. Generous contributions to toward this program in cash and kind are welcomed.  

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A system of education that is flexible, evolves with time and fully meets the needs and aspirations of Liberians individually and collectively as a nation  
To provide all Liberians with access to affordable education of quality, relevance, and appropriateness that meets their needs and that of the nation. Consistent with the vision and mission of education in Liberia as defined by the 2010-2020 Education Sector Plan (ESP) (ESP, 2010), GAM will develop and implement programs to improve and strengthen the education system. 
GAM will provide support to early childhood and secondary education by providing scholarships, educational materials and support to teacher training  
Civic Education 
GAM will prepare and introduce to the Legislature, its constitutional mandate to educate Liberians on their roles, rights and responsibilities as citizens. GAM believes this is fundamentally required in addressing Liberia’s bad governance and poor economic issues. 

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The Grassroots Alternative Movement (GAM) is committed to building a just society in Liberia with the tenets of fair play, equality, and justice. GAM will achieve this important milestone by developing and implementing evidence-based advocacy programs that will address all forms of injustices. GAM believes this will transform Liberia into a just society.
Areas of Focus:
•  Policy and Law/Legal Reforms
•  Human Rights
•  Freedom of Speech
•  Freedom of the Press

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Good governance at all levels is fundamental to economic growth, political stability, and security. Good governance requires fair legal frameworks that are enforced impartially. It also requires full protection of human rights, particularly those of minorities. Impartial enforcement of laws requires an independent judiciary and an impartial and incorruptible police force. GAM works to tackle many aspects of governance, including corruption and to promote full respect for the rule of law, increase transparency, and develop effective legislation as the foundation of a functioning State.

Areas of Focus:
1. Rule of Law 
• Law Reform 
• Impartial Enforcement of Laws
2. Equity and Inclusiveness
• Mainstream Gender in all spheres of Governance 
• Ensure Availability, Affordability, and Accessibility of Social Services 

Political Participation
• Promote Quota Systems to Increase Women Participation in Political Parties and Government at various Levels 
• Field Candidates in Elections and Collaborate with Political Parties that support the Vision of GAM 
• Conduct Voter Education to increase Participation in Elections 

Intervention Strategy:
GAM strives to make good governance a priority of its work by engaging in:
• Strengthening multi-stakeholder co-operation in government, private sector, and civil society. 
• Providing targeted technical and capacity-building support, including through training and awareness-raising campaigns. 
• Bringing more women and youth into decision-making processes. 
• Promoting inter-agency co-operation and coordination. 
• Supporting authorities’ efforts against corruption 
• Conducting targeted training on conflicts of interest prevention. 
• Supporting the creation of anti-corruption strategies, action plans, and bodies. 
• Promoting integrity in public service through the development and implementation of codes of ethics and asset declaration mechanisms. 
• Sound and transparent public procurement processes. 
• Improving relevant legislative frameworks. 
• Advising to improve transparency and civic participation. 
• Strengthening the management of public funds. 
• Supporting regulatory reform and simplification. 
• Introducing e-governance solutions. 

GAM is committed to building a just society in Liberia with the tenets of fair play, equality, and justice.

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